You can help Families and Pets stay together


Founded in1997 by Tom Wargo and S.O.S. Club, Daffy's Pet Soup Kitchen is an

all-Volunteer, not-for-profit, 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization dedicated to helping pets stay in their homes when their families fall on difficult times. We supply pet food to people who are struggling financially and would otherwise have to give up their dogs or cats. By doing this, we keep pets out of shelters or abandoned in the streets, thereby decreasing the euthanasia rate of animal-control facilities, lowering the tax burden on citizens whose tax dollars fund county-run animal control services, and giving other shelter animals a longer period in which to find their forever homes.







Daffy's helps pets and family's in need by giving out food and other assistance to pet owners that have fallen on hard times. If you have lost your job, find yourself on disability or anything preventing you from caring for your pet, contact us. We can help!




Donate today and help us keep pets out of shelters and in their homes!


Daffy's is getting sponsors currently in Gwinnett County. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor, please VISIT HERE. 


It is obvious they love animals and are dedicated to improving the well-being of our pets! 
Thanks, Daffy's for being an advocate for our furry friends!


Erika Bureau Crook 





I know I treat animals like little humans. I need them so much. But looking at my budget, some months we wouldn't be able to provide everything that they need. Daffy's allows me to stay within my budget. I get help with food every week & then any other Pet product we get in Daffy's Store at a low low price! 
Thanks for everything! You have helped me & so many others! I need my pets! They help keep me healthy & happy. 

Susan Dennis Gonzalez

This place is amazing and what I wish other businesses were more like. Honest, down to earth and truly care about the service they give to their customers. Definitely worth the visit!! Wish I had found them sooner!!


Vickie Maddox Smith





An amazing big thank you to Daffy's! We were able to feed over 50 cats for a month thanks to their generosity. It was well worth the hour and a half drive to meet these wonderful people and pick up the food! Thank you again


Denise Lane Painter 

This is the greatest thing since chicken soup for people!


Pia Jerome 






Join us at this years REPTICON!

all proceeds from sales support

Daffy's Pet Soup Kitchen, Please visit their website to learn more about this awesome event! 

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